One of the sweetest girls you will ever meet, truly! Here are some images from lauren's senior shoot...




I told Colin recently that you called from heaven and wanted him to start using that handmade towel with the fish you ironed on all over it. He got such a kick out of that. Colin really wants to feel connected to you. The truth is, I need to see that towel used again. I wanted to touch it. Isn't that crazy? That is what seven years later feels like... I needed that towel to remind myself you were once here because right now seven years feels like at times you never were.  Seven years later when I think of you, I  can't think of you too much because it will hurt too bad. It has taken me seven years to pull out that handmade towel for use again. 

I don't look up at the sky anymore and talk to you. I haven't visited your grave side lately and don't as often as I used to.  Call it life. Blame it on how hectic things have become. Or simply that my my days, my hours,  and all 3,679,200 minutes in the time you have been gone I have had to go on with out you. Without you is my normal now.

I still really wish more than anything you could tell me it will all be ok. Just this past year more than the last five or so I have felt an intense need for your comfort. A friend recently encouraged me to go on a trip and to have fun, enjoy myself and my family. It was completely what you would have to said to me word for word. When I read her words of encouragement I was instantly reminded of you. I still need that, even at 39. 

I still so often think of what you would think of these boys of mine. Colin makes up songs to which Christian even sings the lyrics. They argue over who can change the lyrics since Colin is the original songwriter. He asked Santa this Christmas for an electric guitar and got it. You made me play guitar for 2 long excruciating years and now I wished you would have never let me stop. 

Christian still opens his prayers, every single night with..." I am thanking Him for Granny going to heaven, Pap going to heaven...

They both absolutely LOVE to draw. I spied some amazing eye lashes recently on a bride Colin drew for his kindergarten Leprechaun trap. I instantly laughed to myself and thought of the time I drew a stick figure at age 2 (on the door) with all sorts of great details, including eye lashes, and you were so excited you kept it on the door because after having Shawn you had given up on an artist. I was your artist. 

This mom is my tribute to you in photographs. These are a compilation of all the things I know you would cherish.


Woodland Deer Mini Session

Woodland Deer Mini Sessions are  NEW & now available. These sessions include the following:

Package A includes

fawn makeup--30 minutes in a secret woodland location-- 15+ images-- FULLY downloadable images from your home computer--$175

Package B includes

ALL listed above in package A as well as a personalized watercolor portrait of your little woodland deer darling. Image example coming soon...


Our February

February brought with it my birthday and the 100th day of school. Of course I made a ridiculous float with the help of my husband. Boo 2 (my youngest child) has a slight Army obsession that inspired this theme as his float.  We decided that it would be so neat to make a mountain constructed from plaster of paris for his 100th day float!  Yeah! Isn't that a great idea? I will add that the teamwork required to pull this float off did strengthen our marriage bond, greatly. So here is my life in pictures this past month...

My oldest can be found reading most afternoons and sneaks that in any single chance he gets. He is half way to reading 4 million words this school year. His vocabulary certainly outshines mine. 

And that Mail truck has to be about the most adorable way of bringing home school valentines that I have ever seen! Props to Mr. Schultz for such spectacular cuteness. That mail truck warranted a big camera moment pre getting ripped apart. 

*In the last picture, Note the smudge on the bathroom wall. Yum. That is straight up boy dirt. 



Life can make you Cross Eyed

So I always dreamt of owning my own magazine. It was everything I thought it would be and there were parts I never imagined. Lots of sweat, tears, intense prayer, and Now it's over.  I prayed that God would still my heart when this day came. He has... in regards to ending that chapter. I completely feel at peace with this decision. 

Now, I  feel ignited again to start afresh creatively. I am going to dive into my hand lettered work and add original prints to my shop. My little shop has been therapeutic in my everyday struggles & helped reduce my need to play ridiculous amounts of candy crush.  Because let's face it, day-to-day life can make you cross eyed!

So, as long as I draw breath,  I will always feel this constant need to create. It is how I was created.